More than a Rural Tourism. This is an Experience!

Just so your stay turns into an unforgettable memory, we've got several activities for you and your group to enjoy together. Along with local producers and in line with the regions's traditions, the following experiences will turn your visit to Cernache into something special!

Personal Chef Experience!

Feel immersed in an experience, designed for the customer, where the Lord Cook shares with you the kitchen, the preparation and the love put into every dish.
From the most traditional menu at the typical tasco to the menu at the most prestigious restaurant, you will be transported to your grandparents' kitchen, where smells and flavors will delight you in a complete gastronomic adventure.

Senhor Cozinheiro will provide you with a meal with the quality of a restaurant, in the warmth and privacy of CASA VELHA, in a complete sharing between family and friends


Bread Making Workshop

You'll love getting your hands dirty, while literally feeling like you're going back to the times of our grandparents!

Cereals from small producers in the region are the raw material for this recipe, which will put to the test its capacity and ability to transfer the stress and agitation of everyday life to pasta.

After being kneaded, it has a well-deserved rest, in a slow fermentation process, until it is ready to go into the wood stove.

At this time, other raw materials take center stage: Fruits from the Horta! Without adding dyes or preservatives, “hitchhiking” from the heat of the wood stove, delicious natural jams are produced on the spot!

NOTE: Total value for the group. It includes all the ingredients, as well as a tasting table at the end.

Olive Picking

The mixture of greens and blacks in the olive berries confirms that it is time to start another harvest. It's delicious to start a cold day in such a warm environment.

The most daring climbs the olive tree before the rest and cuts the highest branches above the blankets. On the ground, a few members of the older generations look on disapprovingly. It was not like that in other times, when olive trees touched the heavens. Today, security is the most important thing.

The first olive trees are harvested, and the call for “bucha” can be heard. After the loofah, the harvest resumes until lunchtime. The rush is over, there is a feeling of mission accomplished. Well-watered conversations, lots of stories and memories... those that are remembered and, above all, those that are created.

In the afternoon we can't escape cleaning the olives. By this time, the lunch feijoada “takes the stage” and is the main protagonist (and culprit) of general laughter…

After being cleaned, the olive is transported to the mill, where the precious nectar is extracted by mechanical processes! The whole year boils down to this moment, and as soon as we taste it, we feel like we did a great job!

Traditional Wine Grape Harvest

The Bustle starts in the morning. The owners of the house are joined by uncles, brothers, neighbors, friends in general. The troops are gathered, everyone knows it's going to be a great day, and that overflows with the smiles on everyone's faces.

Work begins on the vineyard under the guidance of the oldest member of the estate. At 10 o'clock in the morning, there's barely been time to warm up the scissors and there's already a table set with the “loofah”, where a fresh white boy always accompanies. If it weren't for the clock confirming it, I'd say that lunch didn't even wait for its turn, because here, time passes so quickly that work seems to be just a break from meals, and not the other way around.

The participants split between harvesting, transporting and crushing the grapes. Tasting and analyzing the grape juice at the moment allows us to confirm whether the raw material will produce another excellent nectar in a few months' time.

After lunch, there is little left to complete the harvest. On this day that never ends, the grapes and the vine are actually just a (good) pretext for what really motivates everyone to come: socializing, sharing, laughing, popular music, and visits.” irrigated” to neighboring wineries…

And you're going to stay on that side listening to stories? Or are you coming to raise them with us?

Riverside Fishing

It's hard to explain how familiar and interactive this activity can be, it seems so banal.

When exploring the banks of the Zêzere River, we are once again taken back to a few decades ago, when for many years fresh fish from the river sold in markets and door-to-door served as a livelihood for some local families.

Who catches the biggest fish will be the eternal (and inevitable) battle between brothers, parents and children or friends!

Come and discover the most beautiful views of the Zêzere River aboard a traditional three-plank boat. Our typical pine wood vessel that was formerly the equivalent of a “bus” on water.

We invite you to embark on this journey for a unique and unforgettable way to explore the Zêzere River.

The whole family is welcome!